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Xenolith Industrial Consultants have been involved with Fabi Sportswear since August 2018.
The main purpose of their involvement with Fabi Sportswear was to evaluate the existing
production structures, to identify the shortcomings, and to subsequently implement a system that would offer better control in order to obtain higher productivity. The focus of
their activity was to develop a system that would enable Fabi Sportswear to measure
productivity and to lay down the procedures to maintain this system.
As an organization, Xenolith Industrial Consultants is an approachable organization and
they built up an excellent relationship with the personnel they worked with. Their authority
was never questioned. From Fabi’s side we have a great appreciation for the one business
principle they achieved to communicate to our employees: “if you can’t measure it, then
you can’t manage it”. We have great appreciation for the service that was rendered to us.

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Retha Van Rensburg –

CEO Fabi Sports wear

Tanden Manufacturing

The engagement we had with Xenolith-Industrial-Consultants retained 29% of our production capacity in 3 months! During the first phase of this engagement which took 3 weeks, they brought to the limelight all the areas of losses within our production facility, areas we had as our norms of operation. They made alterations within this phase which resulted in quick wins which we witnessed within days of implementation. We then engaged in the next phases of the project where sequenced systems were implemented as well as respective standard operating procedures. All these systems were handed over to the production personnel who were empowered to practice these until they were competent. Our KPIs immediately began to indicate positives and ultimately our efficiency was enhanced which saved our organization substantial costs. We give all this credit to Xenolith Industrial Consultants for their expertise and knowledge transferred for the restoration of our competitive edge.

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Management – Tanden manufacturing

Tanden manufacturing


The implementation of production systems and the on-going revision, maintaining and
monitoring of production on the lines has brought an improvement in the actual units
produced. Quality assurance and line balancing within the lines on the various operations of
the actual garment have also improved, thus an improvement in the flow of work throughout
the production lines. All those implemented systems that have been done have had a
positive effect on the production and the quality and the morale of the workforce whereby
everything is now evenly flowing throughout the production up until the finished and
packed product. We have Xenolith Industrial Consultants to thank for that, who have been
the key to all the systems and the implementation thereof. Thank you XIC for turning things
around for us.

Mzipa Clothing

Brian Fulton

Factory Manager


We extend our gratitude to Xenolith Industrial Consultants for the resuscitation of our customer satisfaction and bringing back our efficiency and ultimately our business back to life. We engaged Xenolith Industrial Consultants after realising a surge in customer complaints which emanated from our loss of quality delivery. This made us to loose some of our business and our competitive edge. Xenolith Industrial Consultants were spot on to come and uproot all our sources of quality loss. These were from the quality of our raw materials from our suppliers, to our in line quality assurance systems and our material handling methodologies. We invested in new systems as recommended by the consultants and altered some accordingly. Data collected 2 months after the complete implementation of these systems revealed a retain of 85% of the total loss in quality which we initially incurred. This proportionally improved even our efficiency by an additional 7.5% and ultimately dropped our operational costs. We are proud partners and advocates of their expertise and skill that brought us back to business.

Thembisile Ashely Pongolo (Production Manager) & Marchelle Thompson (FactoryAdministrator)




We have worked with Xenolith Industrial Consultants since late 2018 and we cheerfully
thank them for the great positive shift we have had in our factory! Exactly on their first day
of engagement with Integrated stitching they already began to challenge our norms,
unearthing all the sources of loss that the factory incurred over the years. They transformed
the whole system and we have enjoyed the benefits of the production systems they
implemented for us. We are privileged to have benefitted from their services that have
brought about the following but not limited to:
> An improved production out efficiency
> A maintenance system (total productive maintenance)
> A floor motion control system that has retained much of our production time
> A visual management system that helps all the floor personnel to reflect on our
factory’s performance and to communicate all the relevant objectives to keep
everyone on board with the improvement program.
> Housekeeping improved the overall efficiency by altering the speed in as much as
material handling is concerned. The list goes on and on.

Thembisile Ashely Pongolo (Production Manager) & Marchelle Thompson (FactoryAdministrator)

Thembisile Ashely Pongolo (Production Manager) & Marchelle Thompson (Factory