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Problem Solving & Increasing Profitability.

XIC’s team brings more than 4 years of experience working deep inside manufacturing firms to lead through a results-focused process that improves target costs and drives sustainable performance. In South Africa, Xenolith-IC works with companies to reduce complexity, reduce risks or problems and improve profitability. We analyze every aspect of a company through an operational lens – carefully identifying challenges, designing solutions and getting everyone on board to implement the changes and sustain them.


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Quality management systems

Over the years Xenolith Industrial Consultants have helped different clients in developing quality management systems for their businesses and pride ourselves in all these projects. We have mastered this area and assisted clients to deliver value to their own end customers. We possess all the relevant knowledge and expertise in different quality management systems and we believe this is a facet of the industry which when tempered around with/compromised could lead to a speedy downfall of an entity in business, resulting in seriously damaging costs hence we take things extra seriously when it comes to deliver models that help our clients to deliver quality products and services.

Supply Chain Management And Logistics

We know very well that supply chain management and logistics is a critical component of every business process. We pride ourselves in the expertise of our personnel to analyze and generate models that are relevant to every custom situation to bring about profitable networking, supplying, storage, and distribution of their goods and services. We are in partnership with several IT entities that can design the programs in line with our models in case the need arises.

Lean process training & implementation

We have a training and awareness wing that specializes in personnel training. We have a belief culture that human resources are the most important assets that every organization has, and the success of every organization depends sorely on the skills and knowledge of these assets. We do offer lean process training which ensures that organizational operations are carried out at minimal loss levels and this guarantees low-cost operations. The training comes along with all the relevant lean systems, the knowledge which is offered to the personnel until every involved entity is competent to practice these in their respective workstation/department for the benefit of the whole organization.

Risk management systems

Every business or business process involves a risk and it is in how this risk is managed which determines the success of every endeavour. Xenolith Industrial Consultants incorporates a team of risk experts that have expertise in the analysis and provision of risk mitigation models. We implement these models as well as offer training to the relevant stakeholders on how well they can on their own be effective in utilising these.

Skills transfer & knowledge management

Every organization can be viewed as a system that incorporates within it, entities that work in sync to achieve the much-intended success. Inter and intra-departmental “skills transfer and knowledge management” is of great importance to the achievement of such. We offer a comprehensive package on how well departments within an organization can coordinate in passing the needed skills and knowledge at different levels and the management thereof.

Benchmarking for Global Competitiveness

In a marketplace filled with several other players, it is of critical importance that an organization gets to realize its status about the prevalent standards of performance. We are in an interlink with other several players whose data and information we know or who know entities from which we can access critical relevant information about the industry. Trading upon this terrain is one of the services we offer for our valued clients for the benefit of their businesses to bring about that much needed competitive edge.

Continual Process Improvement

We seek to improve every process in your organisation by focusing on the activities that generate the most value for your customer while eliminating all waste activities. Not only do we come and implement principles for this cause but impart the culture and empower all stakeholders.

Ergonomics & Safety

We are ambassadors of safe working environments. It is to our greatest belief that efficiency is well enhanced by the safety of both people and machines hence, implementing sustainable safety measures is one of our main discipline.

System & Capacity Analysis

We analyse work flows creating a pathway for understanding, improvement and management of business processes. Accordingly, we restructure and redefine where need be; Job Description , Manuals, Procedural Guides and Functional Specifications.

Value Stream Mapping

We sorely value the immediate customers of our clients. Streamlining our clients’ process to deliver value to their immediate customers is our specialty.

Process Costing

The main goal of the existence of any organisation is to make money. We do offer comprehensive models that facilitate the unearthing of detailed cost structures within businesses hence, facilitating operational decision making.

Process & Factory Layout Designs

Process or work flow is imperativerly dependant of the supporting floor and resource layout can severely cost an organisation, compromise its competitive edge and ultimately affect its business position. That’s why we sorely believe in designing relevant and compatible layouts that’s aligned with our clients’ process and business.

International Standards & Management Systems.

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