Xenolith Industrial Consultants is an operations improvement consulting firm established in 2017.
We have a strong expertise in the performance amelioration for Manufacturing Industries/firms.
We are hands-on consultants who deliver results and break through the traditional barriers of the consultant-client relationship. 
Our main offices are in Cape-Town ,South Africa but that does not cap our service provision to clients beyond our zone. As a principled organisation we believe in Excellence, Responsibility, Reliability & Fair Trade.

Xenolith-IC: What We Do 

Our organisation seeks to unearth and cover productivity related gaps and bring manufacturing firms to profitability and competitiveness. The dynamism within the marketplace has left a substantial number of players vulnerable to waste and losses which have altogether resulted to loss of business edge. A huge chunk of these negatives can be regularized from the manufacturing and operations systems' perspective which in all-time has proved to be the angle with which different organisations have been left wanting as a result of shifts within the body of manufacturing and the marketplace at large.

Did You Know?
"A study conducted by the World Bank and Stanford in 2012 has proven that management consultants improve a company/organisation's performance. "

Mode Of Operation

The driving force behind Xenolith Industrial Consultants is the "passion and desire" to becoming a superlative Industrial solution bearer.

Our mission is to serve our clientele base through custom alterations and optimization of their systems for the attainment of an ultimate competitive edge.

Xenolith-IC is fully committed to understanding your needs, to advising you and to responding precisely to your requirements in terms of quality and deadlines.
Our services meet the highest standards of the market.
We apply a quality approach to the entire process of consultancy and guarantee you quality and efficiency regardless of the complexity of the operations/projects.

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